Lisk (LSK) current price is $1.483.

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Lisk (LSK) current price is $1.483 with a marketcap of $193.46 M. Its price is -3.72% down in last 24 hours.

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How Lisk Cryptocurrency is Revolutionizing the Blockchain Community

Also known as LSK, Lisk is a blockchain-based open-source platform for enabling people to build and connect decentralized applications. Lisk began its operations as an ICO with a digital blockchain environment. The cryptocurrency looks forward to healthily co-exist and compete with other digital currencies on the cryptocurrency market.

Brief History

Max Kordek is Lisk’s founder, president, and CEO. Max and his team managed to raise $6 million from ICO (initial coin offering) funding back in 2016 to grow Lisk. Kordek believes that the ICO funding helped him and his team to discover new opportunities. Back then, he was as an electrical engineering student in Germany and had no connections in the cryptocurrency market.

Kordek decided that ICO funding was the best way to raise money and democratize investment. Lisk began its operations back in 2013 with a goal of giving the blockchain community a reliable platform for developing and deploying decentralized apps. Over the years, the company grew to accommodate the needs of the blockchain community.

Today, Lisk is leveraging the expertise of influential individuals such as Max Kordek and his team to develop more tools for building and testing apps. The company expects to release the first live application at the end of 2018. Lisk also emancipates aspiring developers on diverse topics from a user experience standpoint, usability standpoint, and cryptography standpoint.


Lisk consists of a dedicated group of blockchain enthusiasts working to support and inspire innovators. The team works united by a vision to eliminate the barriers on the path to making blockchain accessible. The experts believe that they can build a better cryptocurrency world by working together.

Lisk relies on its 47 experts spread across operations, creative, and marketing and development departments. Eight experts run the operations department while six experts run the creative department. Lisk has 24 specialists in the development sector and nine specialists in the marketing department.

Purpose and Key Features

Lisk offers developers a wide range of tools for creating a custom sidechain or connecting their applications to a side chain. The devices include Lisk Hub, Lisk Core, Lisk Commander, Lisk Mobile, Lisk Elements and Lisk Nano. The tools allow you to start coding with Node.js driven by JavaScript. They also allow you to personalize all aspects of a side chain including consensus, transactions, and tokens.

With Lisk’s suite of tools, developers can use sidechains separately from the main blockchain to improve scalability. They benefit from security, community contributions, and transparency that the apps offer. The sidechain development can’t interfere with Lisk’s main network or other side chains. Lisk’s apps also allow users to choose hosts for running and securing their sidechains as follows:

1. Lisk Nano
Lisk Nano plays an exclusive role in enabling users to access their Lisk IDs. As an old Lisk wallet, it features a wide range of functionalities for advanced users and beginners. Lisk Nano eliminates the need for blockchain synchronizations since it uses it can directly connect to the Lisk network.

2. Lisk Elements
Lisk Elements work as a collection of libraries that are significant in sidechain development. The libraries include an API representation and shared cryptography. The elements also come with essential constants for the cryptocurrency ecosystem and transaction logic for local signing.

3. Lisk Mobile and Lisk Commander
With Lisk Mobile, you can access Lisk’s functionalities on your iOS or Android device. The app operates as a wallet with account balance and standard transaction functions. Lisk is on the verge of expanding Lisk Mobile to all smartphones as the perfect gateway to the Lisk ecosystem. Lisk Commander, on the other hand, supports developers in managing and bootstrapping their sidechains.

4. Lisk Core and Lisk Hub
Advanced technical users can take advantage of Lisk Core to access and secure Lisk’s main network blockchain data. Consequently, Lisk Hun is an all-in-one solution for sending LSK tokens and managing Lisk ID. The tool integrates the functionality from the previous blockchain explorer and former wallet. The new Lisk Hub features ICO launching capabilities, sidechain registration and DEX (decentralized exchange).


With the Lisk API, developers have zero restrictions on how they can create their sidechain’s user interface. Lisk offers a software development kit to those who want to build iOS, Android or decentralized web apps. The platform urges users to create apps according to the standards defined in the Lisk Template repository that’s available on GitHub. Lisk also offers the users a controlled environment for testing their applications for irregularities.

Pros & Cons

JavaScript for the whole stack, it can be a very attractive feature to millions of JavaScript developersDelegated proof of stake (DPoS) has caused a "pseudo-centralization" of this coin
Flexibility of sidechain-based development model, developer can customize everything he wants to fit his vision and business model
Leverages existing skills without requiring developers to learn unique techniques to create blockchain apps. Reduces cost of development, time-to-market and has lower barrier of entry to outside devs

BCrypto Investment Tip

I'm have not researched this coin much so I don't have much of an opinion on it, all I know is that it's a very promising project and it's most certainly worth looking into and investing. If you're an app developer Lisk is definitely something you want to check out for yourself, their platform is very user friendly and makes is so easy for any developer to create applications using their blockhcain.

Performance 6/10Use Case 6/10Adoption 4/10Decantralization 7/10

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