Qtum (QTUM) current price is $2.509.

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Qtum (QTUM) current price is $2.509 with a marketcap of $204.02 M. Its price is -1.80% down in last 24 hours.

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    Qtum (QTUM)
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    $204.02 M
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    $226.38 M
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    81.34 M QTUM
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More Info About Coin

A cryptocurrency is a new form of digital payment that is looking to make payments easier. Qtum is a new form of payment that is looking to join Bitcoin with the Ethereum group. This is the real world and the world of blockchain currency. The team that developed the QTUM has worked in the world of bitcoins, finances, NASDAQ and other finance companies. Venture Capitals is also backing the Qtum company and they are looking forward to making some exciting changes and making bitcoins available to the masses.’

Qtum Basics

This blockchain form is based out of Singapore. This company is looking to make it easier for businesses to operate on an international level. The Qtum is going to implement new tools and plugins as well as smart play options to make it easy for a business to grow.

They also are looking to make it easier for a business to plan out and fulfill smart contracts. Qtum is looking to make the use of these contracts more secure. They are adding additional tools to Bitcoin so that a business can do more and conduct their activities in a safe and secure manner.

There are some changes that have been made to the Qtum. The block time is around 120 seconds and the sizes of the blocks are 2mb. The total coins that are going to be used total 100 million and the inflation in around 1 percent of the POS. Currently, this is the 16th most valuable form of cryptocurrency in the world and has been valued at over one billion. This allows the coins to be able to have the volume to work with the corporate companies and contract.

Helping Businesses

Qtum is designed to help a business work with customers all over the globe and have the money that is needed to operate on this level. Anyone will have access and be able to use Qtum the goal is to increase the amount of business that a company does and decrease the cost to the company that is associated with doing business. This currency is the payment the business will receive for its product or service.

The decentralization of the blockchain will help with the supply chain management. This will also reduce the risk of doing business online and will be able to increase cybersecurity. With the current blockchain technology, a business will not be able to operate on this level. There are still flaws in the Ethereum system that needs to be resolved and Qtum is able to pick up where that system falls short.

Bitcoins is one of the most trusted forms of blockchain that are being used but it does have a challenge. It is not able to work with smart contracts and Qtum is able to do this. The developers of Qtum are looking to prevent clones of blockchains being made for additional security. Qtum will be easy for users to operate and this system will be secure. There will be additional tools and will allow decentralized apps to be built without a problem. This will help improve business transactions and will allow it to be completed in a faster period of time.


The Qtum will run on a new and improve version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This will allow it to work with smart contracts in addition to the other services that blockchains offer. It will be the link between Ethereum and Bitcoin since it will be able to work with both programs.

This will allow a person to use account balances and each coin will have a specific value. All of the transactions will be easy to follow and easy to understand. Several transactions can be processed at the same time and it does not matter what order they are processed in. This allows the system to become more secure and it will be scalable as well.
As technology changes so do the way that business is done.

Virtual currency is becoming the way of the future. Qtum can allow a business to expand and make transactions that are safe and secure. It uses the latest in cryptocurrency technology to make business easier to process and will allow this currency to be safe and secure.

Pros & Cons

Proof of Stake 3.0The UTXO model is not easy to use with smart contracts and puts limitations
Using both EVM and Bitcoin blockchain allows QTUM to use the updates on either to improve itself
Very strong team

BCrypto Investment Tip

Qtum is meant to be is a bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum functionalities. Bitcoin was designed to be a value transfer program, while Ethereum primarily a smart contracts platform. Qtum is a hybrid of the two, a value transfer protocol which can also support dapps and smart contracts. This makes it a very interesting project with a lot of room for growth. Qtum is still very young, it's not even two years old and it has already achieved a spot in the top cryptocurrencies.

Performance 7/10Use Case 6/10Adoption 4/10Decantralization 7/10

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