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TRON (TRX) current price is $0.0386 with a marketcap of $2.55 B. Its price is -1.07% down in last 24 hours.

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While TRON (TRX) has gained an avalanche of attention recently with its acquisition of, it has been on the radar of miners everywhere in the cryptosphere. As we will see in this review, it has a number of novel features that make it mysterious, curios, and for more than a few, a cryptocurrency worthy of the moniker “Shitcoin.”

This latter view seems more than harsh, but it gives you some insight as to why TRON is gaining so much attention as the 11th ranked cryptocurrency on the market.

As we examine each of the features, keep in mind that it is venturing into some uncharted waters, especially for a top 20 ranked cryptocurrency. Some call it the cryptocurrency of the future, but this has been said about every cryptocurrency that continues to try and knock Bitcoin from the number one spot.

Primary Strategies

To begin with, the primary focus of TRON is the $1 trillion (with a “T”) entertainment market. Since everyone in every country of the world loves to be entertained (in their own way) creating a protocol that will latch onto a sizeable portion of that market has a tremendous upside.

It has the potential to retool the existing models of iTunes and other intermediaries that are required for entertainers to have their original works made available to consumers.

The first step in achieving this is to create a space in the cyber environment where those who choose to participate using TRON will have complete democratic freedom of their content and assets.

It uses two terms familiar to many people – net neutrality and data liberation – as the basis of explaining how TRON attempts to decentralize the entertainment part of the web and make it beneficial for all of its users.

Blockchain technology is an integral part of TRON, used to create a higher level of liquidity and usefulness. Currently, it supports a number of other cryptocurrency blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Inclusion of these networks gives its own cryptocurrency flexibility and actually competes with them, but in a more subtle way. The idea may be you can have competition and cooperation simultaneously.

Decentralizing the aforementioned payment processors is done by utilizing point-to-point transactions. This is the TRX part of TRON, and both content creators and their recipients will be able to sidestep using the commonly used centralized payment processors.

This should result in lower prices for the users and higher profits for the creators, clearly a problem in the entertainment industry today.

Gamblers and Gamers

One specific area where payment processing can get very pricey for users is the gaming (or gambling) industry. Many intermediaries such as Neteller and WebMoney make significant amounts of money acting as intermediaries for online casinos around the world.

TRON proposes to allow authentication in a decentralized system, meaning directly to the casinos. The projected amount of online gambling is expected to approach $10 billion a year by 2020.

As for gamers in the non-wagering mode, TRON proposes to fix the issue of currency exchange by allowing each gaming network to create their own gaming currencies and make them available to other game publishers if they so choose by trading those currencies. Once again, eliminating the middleman is the end goal.

TRON Power

This is one of the features that makes the TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency seem like it comes from the mind of a game creator. People who choose to store up TRON cryptocurrency for a specified period of time will acquire TRON Power.

The longer they keep their tokens, the more TRON Power they will amass. That power will include voting rights and enjoy more freedom within the TRON network to take advantage of future opportunities. The problem is determining the limits of a user’s power and how that can be wielded in the TRON cryptosphere.

The foundational currency of TRON is Tronix. Current plans have it supporting the circulation and conversion of a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Given this tidbit of information, it appears TRON seeks to co-exist with its major competitors – at least in the early going.

The Plan to Gain Momentum

All of these features definitely will attract investors, but as with many cryptocurrencies the future problem is gaining a wide public acceptance of the currency. Chinese creator of TRON (TRX), Justin Sun, will also include a social media network as part of the decentralized system.

This part seems a bit contradictory to the cryptocurrency concept, as Sun intends to centralize users within a conceptual social network in order to get his decentralized network cryptocurrency accepted by many.

But this is only the first of six development arenas Sun will be providing for developing the network. The others include:

  • A platform for the storage and distribution of data
  • A proof-of-stake framework intended to give incentives to early adopters of TRON
  • A platform that will allow developers to freely create and distribute new games
  • The ability to allow various groups of developers to crowdfund their projects

Summed up, Sun intends to do everything possible to get users and developers involved, with the targeted end year being 2023 for full implementation of these various platforms. This is one of the reasons TRON (TRX) is viewed as a future oriented cryptocurrency.

But given that the current end year is set at 2023, it gives competitors about 4 years to replicate the technology or improve on its features. The fluctuating state of cryptocurrency does not seem to allow for this idea to go very far. But we have to presume Sun knows this, so the question to be answered is what is in the works that he is not talking about?

Pros & Cons

Solid and experienced teamHigh tokens supply (100 billion)
Working on decentralizing the internetWhitepaper plagiarism
The users on the TRON network will be entitled to proportional profits according to rulesThe final step in completing the TRON project is scheduled to be completed in 2023.
There are rumours that they will start burning their tokens in the next couple of months.Most people call it a "Shitcoin"
Dаtа сrеаtоrѕ, which аrе thе uѕеrѕ, hаvе thе fundаmеntаl ownership of data

BCrypto Investment Tip

Although many people call this coin a shit coin and make it seem very controversial I believe Tron has a future in the crypto space. Recently Tron released their Tron Virtual Machine which already allows them to handle more transactions per second than Visa or MasterCard and they claim that in future it will allow them to handle millions of transactions per second which shows a very promising future for TRX. TVM also makes it easy for developers to create games and applications on their platform which is already attracting more and more people to use their platform.

Performance 6/10Use Case 6/10Adoption 4/10Decantralization 6/10

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