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Exchange NameCryptopia
Volume (24H)$204,424.90
18.20 BTC
Coins Support0
Trading Pairs0
Alexa Rank20017
Top CountryUnited States

Cryptopia exchange 24 hours trading volume is $204,424.90 (18.20 BTC) This exchange supports 0 crypto currencies and 0 market trading pairs. According to Alexa website traffic analysis this exchange website has 20017 rank worldwide. Its website is most popular in United States with a Alexa rank of 29915


More Info About Exchange

The world of cryptocurrency is always changing. As it grows greater opportunities are emerging. One recent opportunity that has a lot of people talking, is the Cryptopia exchange and community. This new platform has some exciting possibilities and some amazing features. Today we are going to take a deeper look at Cryptopia so that you can learn more about it.

crytopia front page

A Powerful Trading Platform

One of the things that you notice right away when you visit the Cryptopia website, is their impressive trading platform. Very easy to use, the platform gives users access to all of the main crypto exchanges and they also include a wide-range of lesser known exchanges. This gives you more options when it comes to trading, and you will not have to search around because everything is in one place here.

Over 500 Cryptocurrencies Traded Daily

As we already have learned the Cryptopia trading platform has many alternative coin exchanges that are available at your finger tips. But what you don't know is that you will have access to over 500 different cryptocurrencies under one platform! This is very exciting and will allow traders to maximize their profits while exploring new types of coins at the same time. Many other trading platform that are out there, simply don't have this level of coins. So if you like to trade those obscure coins, this just might be the right platform for you. It is very exciting knowing that so many coins can be found on one platform!

Up To The Minute Coin Information

We all know that research is very important when it comes to trading any type of currency. During every second of the day prices rise and fall depending on the markets volatility. This volume is what makes trading both fun and profitable. But doing your homework and knowing which direction the coins are going is key. Cryptopia has made it easy to keep up with prices with up to the minute coin information. In the matter of seconds you will be able to easily find coin prices which will make you a more effective trader.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

cryptopia arbitrage

While the main purpose of Cryptopia is to give people a platform to buy and sell coins, they also have other services. Cryptocurrency arbitrage is an exciting way to make some quick profits by taking advantage of the different markets. From one market to the other, prices are normally going to be slightly different. This gives those looking for quick profits a chance to make money using the arbitrage method. Cryptopia gives you the information you need to make these buys and turn them over for profits in just a few seconds. While this type of trading is not for everyone, it can be a great way to add some excitement to your trading day!

A Trusted Community of Traders

Not only will you get a powerful trading platform with over 500 different coins to choose from, you will also be joining a community of traders. The Cryptopia community may be smaller than those on other websites but it is growing fast. Each member of the community is held accountable and there are actions and many trusted members that trade here. Being park of this new up and coming community will give you the chance to chat with others and learn more about the world of crypto trading. So if you are looking for a group of like minded people to join, you just might want to check this community out.

Secure Services

When it comes to security this platform takes the matter very seriously. In fact, they have created Cryptopia hardware dongles that are designed to keep your currency safe and out of the hands of hackers. There are also many behind the scenes security protocols, that are used to keep traders safe and the entire platform from being hacked.


cryptopia paytopia

Paytopia is a list of services and products that are offered directly by Cryptopia. Some of these services and products include promotional tools that are designed to help users get noticed. There are several different products to choose from and you can pay for them using Dotcoin. This makes it easy for those who are looking to promote their own coins and exchanges. These promotional services are not normally used by regular traders but are very helpful for some.

The Cryptopia Lottery

This is a product that is a little different from the other things being offered on the platform. The lottery which was set up by the founding fathers of the site allows people to take part in daily and monthly drawings. Prizes are normally awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. While the lottery has not been currently updated at the time of this article, it is something worth keeping an eye on.

Cryptopia Fees

Fees are something every trader is concerned with. The less fees you have to pay the more money you can make. When it comes to fees, Cryptopia likes to keep things as simple as possible. The platform does not charge a fee for deposits and only charges a small fee for withdraws. This fee is based on the amount of currency you are withdrawing. Then you have another small trading fee of just 0.2%. This is much less than some other platforms.

The Founding Fathers

Cryptopia was founded in the year 2014 in the country of New Zealand. A pair of directors registered the company and it is based in Christchurch. Adam Clark and Robert Dawson came together to create the trading platform. Being registered with the government of New Zealand makes it a legitimate organization that has to follow the rules placed by the country.

While it is still too early in the game to know if Cryptopia will become one of the best places to trade coins, but it is off to a good start. So if you are interested in learning more about this platform, and all that it has to offer, why not go over and check it out for yourself? You just might be surprised to find that you enjoy using it!

Pros & Cons

Over 500 coins availableLow volume
Low feesConfusing interface (not beginner friendly)
Arbitrage toolOften used for pumo and dumps
Rewards systemBasic trading features not suited to experienced investors
Transfer within Cryptopia free of chargeOnly users with a New Zealand bank account can fund their exchange account with fiat currency

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