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stake sign up is probably one of the best Bitcoin gambling websites out there. They allow their users to play games with Bitcoin and Ethereum and Litecoin to be added soon. was launched in 2017, just a little over a year ago by the same team behind Primedice.

Unlike most other casinos out there, the sign up process on takes no more than 60 seconds and allows anyone to sign up annonymously and instantly gain access to the entire website. Which is nice because cryptocurrencies are supposed to be annonymous and most Bitcoin casinos still require you to confirm your identity.

You don’t even have to deposit any money since they offer a Bitcoin and Ethereum faucet, which you can use every 3 minutes. That’s FREE money to start gambling! You can use this function to test out the website first and get the hang of it before you deposit any more money. offer 12 very unique games, with a uniqe deisgn thats very pleasent to use. Their games use a thing called “Provably fair” which describes an algorithm which can be analyzed and verified for fairness on the part of the service operator. This means that the player can check an verify each bet that they haven’t been cheated in any way.

Multipliers on their website vary from 1.01x up to a few millions x I don’t even know what the max is, seems like there isn’t one. I’ve seen people sharing their winning bets with over 5,000,000x! Highest I had so far on a single winning bet was around 50x.

Let’s go through the website from the beginning, after you sign up this is what you are going to see:


From here you can Deposit some money to play with.

You can play games.

Or you can talk to someone in the chat on the right.

When you first sing up your starting ballance will be 0BTC and 0ETH, so the first thing you want to do is use the fauces to claim some free coins to play with.

In order to do this click on “More” in the menu and then click on “Faucet”.

A window will pop up where you can choose whether you want to recieve free Bitcoin or Ethereum, choose one and confirm the captcha window and claim your money.

stake faucet

You can recieve 0.00000100 BTC (100 sats) or 0.00001200 ETH (1200 sats) every 3 minutes as long as you have nothing in your account. There is no limit so you can use this as many times as you want. It may not seem like much but it’s free money and you can surely turn it to 1ETH or 1BTC if you’re lucky.

I managed to turn 1200ETH into 350,000ETH a few times already in a matter of 10-20 minutes. That’s almost 300x my money! I’ll share my best strategies with you at the end of the article so stay tuned.

Once you have your money you can start playing games, there is currently 12 games to choose from so let me go through them on by one.

stake banner

#1 Blackjack

stake blackjack

Just as the name suggests this is a basic game of blackjack. I don’t think I need to say anything else, if you’ve ever played cards or gambled you probably know the basic rules of the game.

Win, you double your money. Lose, you lose your bet. Tie, you get your money back. Hit a blackjack, 2.5x your money. Your goal is to hit 21 or get as close to it as possible, just make sure you don’t bust!

#2 Mines

stake mines

This is my favorite game mode! Why? Because I find it the easiest for me to make money.

You can see on the above image, for the sake of this article I’m using only the free faucet money so I’ve bet 100 sats and within a few second I made 4.07x so I got 407 sats back. Imagine doing this with like $100 over and over again.

Here’s how the mines work:

There is 25 tiles on board in total and you can pick up to 24 mines or gems on your board. 24 mines give you the biggest odds but it is the hardest to get. 24 gems on board give you the lowest odds but its the safest bet you can make.

Also, with every gem you uncover the reward you recieve gets bigger and bigger. There is a trick on mines that allows you to get over a 5 MILLION MULTIPLIER.

Here’s a screenshot from a guy that shared his winning on a forum:

stake mines high payout

That’s a 5,148,300x winning bet! That’s a $400 win from only betting 1 satoshi, if you’d bet 10 satoshi you’d win over $4,000! That’s insane if you ask me, and it’s not rare for people to win these kind of bets, if you check out he stakes forum, there is dozens of people sharing these kind of huge winnings.

The trick to get such high odds is that you need to set your game mode to 12 bombs and 13 gems and you need to find all the 13 gems. It seems hard but you can use the auto-play feature to set it up and leave it alone to play for you.

#3 Plinko

stake plinko

Plinko is one of those games based purely on luck. You can set the difficulty level from Low / Medium / High and you can set the number of pins from 8 to 16.

After you set up the difficulty and the number of pins, you can place you bet. After the bet is placed a ball is being dropped from the top and it bounces on each of the pins and you want to ball to drop as close to the edges as possible because that is where the big multipliers are.

On the harders mode on plinko you can win up to 1000x! And the lowest you can win is x0.2 so technically you can’t lose all your money playing this game.

#4 Wheel

stake wheel

This is the latest game added on and it probably the least played and most hated game on their website.

Why? Because of the very poor odds, there’s not much you can win but there’s a lot you can lose. On the hardest mode with 16 segments the highest payout is 14x but the chance of hitting it is like 6% and the rest is on lose so I wouldn’t even bother playing this game unless you want to lose money.

There’s not much explaining needed on how to play this game. Simply select your game mode, place a bet and spin the wheel and hope for the best.

stake banner

#5 Hilo

stake hilo 2

This is a very fun and popular game on where you can easily hit odds of 10x or higher.

It is very simple, you just have to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than your last card and with each correct guess your payout drows drastically. As you can see in the above picture, I’ve bet 300 sats and I won 1542, thats over 5x! Easy money haha.

stake hilo win

As you can see you can get some pretty nice odds on Hilo, I personaly have not got that far but anything is possible on Stake. People win big money there.

#6 Roulette

stake roulette

This is just a regular game of roulette nothing special about it. The odds for single bets are as follows:

  • Hit any number: 36x
  • Rows: 1.5x
  • Columns: 1.5x
  • 1 to 18 or 19 to 36: 1x
  • Odd or even: 1x

Good luck winning haha.

#7 Chartbet

stake chartbet

This is probably one of the most exciting games on Stake. The thrill of watching the chart going up and the fact that it could crash at any moent gives people a lot of excitement.

Nobody has any idea of what is the highest possible multiplier on this game but I’ve seen people reporting it can go as high as 40,000x! Highest I ever got was around 42x haha.

And the lowest it can crash at is 0.99x which is an instant loss but that rarely happens.

The game itself is pretty simple, place a bet a watch the chart go up and cash out before the chart crashes.

#8 Dice (Sphere)

stake dice sphere

Dice is another game based purely on luck. The way it works you simply use the slider to choose whether the game will roll a number higher or lower than the one you chose.

The game can roll anything between 0 and 100 and it is totaly random.

On the image above you can see I chose to roll under 1. So if the game rolls anything below 1 I win 99x my bet. It’s a pretty nice payout but the chances of hitting such a number are very low so I suggest using lower odds.

#9 Dimond Poker

stake dimond poker

This is one of those games not many people understand at first. It’s a game of poker, but with dimonds. What?

Well as you can see on the above image, I won the game with 2 pairs because I had 2 pairs of 2 of the same dimonds. That’s pretty much how it works, you just need to match the color of the dimonds to create a better hand than your opponent.

The bad part is that its all random and you can pick or change your dimonds, the you just place a bet and hope for the best.

The odds aren’t that good either, that’s why I never play this game.

stake banner

#10 Keno

stake keno

Keno is a fun Bingo style game. You simply pick a number between 1 and 40 and you can pick up to 10 numbers in total. Your goal is to hit as many numbers as possible, if you hit all the 10 numbers you selected you win a payout of 100x.

It’s not an easy game to win a lot of money and it is based almost purely on luck just like most casino games, but everyone has something they enjoy and something that they win the most money on so maybe this game will be your choice.

#11 Baccarat

stake baccaratBaccarat is a comparing card game played between two hands, the “player” and the “banker”.  Each baccarat coup (round of play) has three possible outcomes: “player” (player has the higher score), “banker”, and “tie”.

In baccarat, cards have a point value:

  • cards two through nine are worth face value (in points);
  • tens, jacks, queens and kings have no point value (i.e. are worth zero);
  • aces are worth 1 point;
  • jokers are not used.

Hands are valued according to the rightmost digit of the sum of their constituent cards. For example, a hand consisting of 2 and 3 is worth 5, but a hand consisting of 6 and 7 is worth 3 (i.e., the 3 being the rightmost digit in the combined points total of 13).The highest possible hand value in baccarat is therefore nine.

Personaly I hate this game because it always makes me lose money, and it’s just not worth it, the odds are too low.

But if you’re still willing to give this game a try my tip to you – always bet on the banker, he always seems to get better cards.

#12 Dice (Original)

stake dice original

This is the original dice game that was first crated on the Primedice website. It works the same way the sphere dice works and all the odds are the same.

Use the slider to choose whether the game will roll a number higher or lower than the one you chose. Set your bet and watch the dice being rolled.

So those are all the games currently available on, I’m sure everyone can find something they will enjoy.

I believe is the best bitcoin casino out there and as long as you stick to a strategy and don’t let your emotions take over you can actually make money gambling using their website.

As you can see on all of the screenshots above I started this article with 100 statoshies and I ended up with 1921 satoshi. That was an easy 19.2x of my money while writing this article.

I only used the money from the faucet for the sake of this article, but imagine I started out with $100 and I did everything exactly the way I did here, I’d be over $1,800 in profit! also allow you to see what other people are betting and you can see the highest bets someone has recently won or lost. Check out some of them below – you can always verify them and check that they are legit.

stake high winning bets

My Gambling Strategies

Strategy #1 Martingale

If you’ve been in the gambling world long enough you probably heard of the Martingale Strategy. It’s very simple to follow and if used correctly it can almost always be profitable.

The way it works is that you start with a very small bet. The way I use it on is I usually start with either 100 satoshi of BTC or 1200 satoshi of ETH and I work my way up from there depending on my balance, if I have more money I increase my base bet.

So after you’ve chosen how much you want to start with follow this simple rule.

If you lose a bet, double up. So if you started with 100 sats and lost, your secoind bet would be 200 sats, this way if you win the second bet you win at least 400 sats, 300 sats that you spent on bets and 100 sats profit.

If you lose again, just keep doubling your bet. You’re probably thinking right now what if you run of out money?

Well, that’s the risk of gambling, anything can happen that’s why always start as small as you can so you can get the hang of the game you’re playing and fingure out the best strategy to play the game.

Strategy #2 Martingale + Mines

Now that you know what the Martingale strategy is let me share with you how you can combine it with my strategy for Mines that I use every time and that I made the most money with.

First let me tell you how my set up looks. I use the 22 gems and 3 bombs game mode on Mines and I start with a 10,000 ETH satoshies bet. If you’re balance is lower just start with what you can afford or start with the free amount you get from the faucet.

stake mines strategy

Now that you know my set up let me tell you how my strategy works. 22 gems and 3 bombs set up on mines means that you need to uncover 5 gems in order to 2x your money, anything more than 5 and your multiplier increases a lot but the risk also increases. That’s why I usually go for 5-10 gems each game. Unless I lose on first try of course haha.

So the way I combine the two strategies, mines and martingale is simple.

  1. I start with a 10,000ETH satoshi bet and I uncover at least 5-10 tiles
  2. If I lose I double my next bet to 20,000 sats, if I win I keep it the same
  3. And so on

Remember that if you uncover 5 tiles with gems you double your money, if you uncover 10 tiles I think the mutliplier goes up to 5/6x that’s why using the martingale strategy here is a very good choice.

Tips for hitting less bombs

  • If you do hit a bomb and lose, start a new bet from that same tile you’ve hit the bomb. Placement of the bombs changes with every bet and they are less likely to spawn in the same place twice.
  • Try to remeber placement of all the bombs from your previous bet because they are more than likely to spawn somewhere else and you can uncover the tiles where the bombs where previously with a higher chance of hitting a gem.
  • There are specific tiles I found that are more likely to hold bombs more often than gems. It might be different for everybody so I won’t tell you which ones are they, but if you play long enough you’ll find them yourself.

That’s my strategy, if you have any questions feel free to ask and good luck! I hope you win as much as possible.

Pros & Cons of

Quick player registration (you can sign up anonymously)Not available for US and UK players (easily bypassed)
Provably fair gamesNo telephone support
Live supportLimited number of games
Free Bitcoin and Ethereum faucet
Mobile friendly

stake banner

Overall I strongly recommend! It’s seem much easier to win money that any other casino I ever tried. It’s very transparent, you can see what other people are betting and you can talk to them. You can borrow money from other players or participate in the giveaways other players do in the chat. Stake’s community is very friendly and are always willing to help you out, there is a very active forum on their website, and there is honestly nothing negative I can say about Stake, it’s simply one of the best websites I came across.

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